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Portability Kits

Call for Pricing - This kit is for the portability kit only. Select bins from previous page


Dimensions in Inches

Model No. Description L" W" H" CTN. QTY. CTN. WGT. Price ea
QTF 320 24'' W x 12'' H Portable Frame 3 24 12-3/4 1 3 87.40
Disks and screws (2 of Each Needed Per Tip Out Bin Unit)
QDS 300* 1 Disk and 1 Screw 1 Set 1 2.20
Locking Rod Keeps Tip Out Bins Locked Upright
QLR 500 One Rod 1 1 7.05
* In order to attach a Tip Out Bin unit to a rail, frame, or floor stand, 2 sets of disks and screws are required per Tip Out Bin unit.

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